Getting your saddle right on your MTB

Getting your saddle right on your MTB

Making sure you have a comfortable and the correct saddle is important when riding mountain bikes.

Wembley Cycles’ John Carney spoke at the Ladies Bikes and Bevies Night about different saddles on offer and how to set it up.

Modern day technologies such as bike fits and quirky tools such as the Ass-O-Meter help riders fit a saddle.

John said to keep the saddle flat.

``We see plenty of people come in with the nose up and I don't see how they cope with that.``

He said you should feel fine when you are riding.

``Nothing should go numb it should be totally fine and rosy.``

``If you hadn't ridden a bike for a couple of months or a year, something is going to be sore.``

He suggested mountain bikers considered quality, padded bike shorts when they rode in order to make their rider more comfortable.

Tools such as the Ass-O-Meter can help select a saddle that will best fit the rider.

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