Learning about suspension on your MTB

Learning about suspension on your MTB

Setting up your suspension on your bike is key to getting the most out of your ride.

Wembley Cycles’ John Carney spoke at the Ladies Bikes and Bevies Night about setting up your O-rings, suspension, lockout and more.

The video below addresses various topics nominated by the attendees, some experienced riders and some newer to mountain biking.


``When you set up into the sag you want to see on the longer travel bikes about 30 per cent or maybe 20 per cent``

John also spoke about suspension and traction.

``You are generally going to climb better on a dual suspension than a hardtail in terms of traction, what a hardtail offers is less weight.``

He said just about all the top riders in the world cup rode dual suspension mountain bikes.

He also always watched out for the O-rings on the bike.

``Even after I set it up, I always look at these orange things (O-rings) when I ride.``

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