Aust aMTB Guidelines Released

Aust aMTB Guidelines Released

Mountain biking – an activity for all! Even more so now with the recently published Australian Adaptive Mountain Biking Guidelines. Officially released over the weekend at the national round held in Nerang, the home of the 2018 commonwealth games mountain bike trails, Break the Boundary in conjunction with Mountain Bike Australia and the Queensland Government presented the new Guidelines to the community.

The Guidelines provides “A detailed guide to help land managers, trail builders, event directors, mountain bike clubs, charities and associations develop inclusive mountain bike trails, events and programs for people with disabilities in Australia.”

The Guidelines were the brainchild of none other than WA’s own Andrew, founder of Break the Boundary. ‘Helping people with physical disabilities go beyond flat surfaces’, Break the Boundary advocates for accessibility and inclusion of people with physical activities and neurological disabilities in mountain biking (recreation and sports).

Andrew is well known in the mountain bike community. Always ready to take on any challenge to ensure adaptive mountain biking (aMTB) has its place in the categories of WA’s racing; enduro, cross country, Cape to Cape, to name a few. Andrew with his quiet demeanour has a goal and will stop at nothing until it is achieved. With a motto ‘with the right tools, on the right terrain, and with the right attitude, then anyone can experience the thrills and joy of cycling off road in Australia’, you definitely know he is on the right trail to getting things done!

‘The Guidelines have been developed after years of questions and queries from organisations, clubs, individuals, carers, OT’s, physios, trail builders, land managers and event organisers from the MTB community in Australia, general community and people with disabilities. Not only are we trying to encourage greater participation in sports and recreation through adaptive MTB, but we are trying to answer as many questions as possible with the Guidelines.

If there’s a question about disability, equipment, trails, ratings, signs, information and riding tips, then get a copy of the Guidelines.

Getting the word out to as many people as possible is the first step!”

Electronic copies will be available from Monday 22nd January 2018 here:

Hardcopies with CD/USB resources will be available from MTBA website:

So whats next for Andrew and the crew of Break the Boundary? “Break the Boundary is thinking BIG and extending beyond cycling as a means of exploring the rough and inaccessible terrain in the outdoors which tends to be the boundary for people with mobility impairment.

For mountain biking, Break the Boundary is working to diversify in available equipment, coaching and camps to cater for a wider range of people with disabilities and people with more advanced skills.

We also have a small project about to kick off with a local assistive technology NFP who will be building something that will blow the socks off Australians! Stay tuned…”


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