Athletes Unfiltered

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Athletes Unfiltered

Strava run! Yelled at the top of the voice along the meandering single track amongst the aussie bush. STRAVA!

Good or bad, we have all seen/been a Strava rider at some time.

Harder better faster stronger…STRAVA – the Swedish word for strive. A social network for athletes.

In August, we saw the release of the Athletes Unfiltered campaign that aims to help define what Strava believes an athlete really is.  ‘We’re raw, imperfect, on the edge, trying our guts out, laughing failing and trying again. We’re a bunch of weird tan lines, scabby knees and helmet hair’. Are you nodding yet?

If you want ‘a little less curation and a little more perspiration’ then join the campaign #AthletesUnfiltered. No filters, no touch ups, just raw sweat, dirt and grit.

Does this relate to mountain biking, of course it does. As riders we are always striving to go faster, perform better and exceed our expectations. Striving for those little badges of honour QOMs, KOMs, Gold Trophies. Worn with pride, these badges give their owner a sense of accomplishment, the bragging rights and perhaps, allows them to stand a little taller, a little prouder.

Why not share your struggle to get up in the morning, to complete that last 10kms of a 50 km training ride, the gravel rash on the forearm, the bruise that is appearing from a pedal strike. The sunburn, the salt stains forming on the jersey. Our adventures are different, but the pain and drive is all too familiar to all of us when we have a goal in mind and the challenge is accepted.

Strava Athletes Unfiltered:

  • No exclusion
  • No shame
  • No regrets
  • No egos
  • No boundaries
  • No stress
  • No limits
  • No curation

No pain no gain!


Athletes Unfiltered

Curation, negativity, judgment, egos – that’s not what being an athlete is about. We’re a bunch of weird tan lines, scabby knees and helmet hair, and we like it.

Posted by Strava on Wednesday, 23 August 2017
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