Busting the Munda Biddi Trail

Busting the Munda Biddi Trail

Riding over 1000kms off road from Albany to Mundaring in just over four days with 11 hours sleep. Are you up for that challenge?

Any other rider would think that is crazy but not for Perth man Declan von Dietze who threw down the challenge…..and succeeded.

In a time of four days, six hours and 39 minutes, Declan covered over 1000kms of what is claimed to be the worlds longest off road trail. The Munda Biddi covers a lot of varied terrain and is predominately maintained by volunteers of the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation in partnership with Parks and Wildlife Service.

Declan said he attempted the record because he wanted to inspire young people to take up mountain biking.

“The Munda Biddi is among the best and longest mountain bike trails in the world, and what better way to get people interested in this wonderful sport and our magnificent environment than attempting to ‘Bust the Biddi’ in record time,” he said.

“It was an immense personal challenge, and I am proud that I have achieved it, but I am also hoping it will result in a higher profile for this sport in Western Australia and around the world.”

The recommended time frame to cover the Trail – which can be ridden in smaller sections – is three to four weeks, according to the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation. From experiencing the free camp sites along the Trail to your welcoming arrival into a beautiful little country town, the Munda Biddi Trail welcomes all.

Hit up the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation to let them know how you intend to Bust the Biddi – Your Way.


Busting the Biddi

Western Australia’s world-famous Munda Biddi Trail provides the perfect setting for the growing number of bike enthusiast’s wanting to bikepack and for elite endurance racer Declan von Dietze the 1,000 km off-road cycling trail presented an opportunity to set a world record - to complete the trail solo and unsupported in four days. Declan covered 1,115 kms arriving in Mundaring four days, six hours and 39 minutes after leaving Albany, setting a tough benchmark for others to follow. Enjoy reading this and more exciting stories, plus view the videos in the spring issue of LANDSCOPE. LANDSCOPE subscriptions are available at shop.dbca.wa.gov.au or by phoning (08) 9219 9070. Single issues are available for $7.95 from participating newsagencies.

Posted by Parks and Wildlife, Western Australia on Thursday, 7 September 2017
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