Kicking the Fear Factor

Kicking the Fear Factor

Ok…I can do this; the bike can do this…we can do this

Deep breath, 3, 2, 1…and….

Irrespective of being an elite rider or a newbie, each and every one of us has been at the fear crossroads. Nerves, butterflies, sweaty palms in your gloves. You wonder, how do the RedBull riders throw themselves and their bikes off a mountain and come away with a high five and some awesome footage!

Sports performance mentor Gary Grinham knows it all too well. FEAR. But what exactly is fear? Gary outlines “fear is just a label we were given for a distinct set of feelings, and when we attach a different label to the same feelings we get a different result.”

Gary’s top 5 tips for fighting fear!

  1. Picture the worst outcome and accept it

What?? Picture the worst thing that could happen if I achieve this jump, trail or drop off? A rider will never ride at their best if they are worried about getting hurt. Accept the outcome and RIDE.

  1. Visualise a successful outcome

Close your eyes, visualise you are looking out over a calm…..nope, hang on. Visualise successfully completing whatever it is that is challenging you. Clear your mind of negative thoughts. Be one with your bike, Grasshopper!

  1. Bin the idea of failure

No more I CANNOT. Only I CAN, I CAN, I CAN. “Failure and success are two different ways of looking at the same thing. There is no such thing as failure, just information on how to approve”, commented Gary on what he sees the difference between failure and success.

  1. Face your fears

Jot down your fears. Face them in black and white. Force your brain to acknowledge them and only then will you be ready to move into physically overcoming any obstacle. The force is strong in you!

  1. Embrace the challenge and results will come

Embrace that you are a winner. That, mentally you are ready to take on the challenge. You have put in the practice, replaced your CANNOT to a CAN DO, and are ready to get the results that YOU DESERVE.

Photo Credit: Chad Demidenko


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