MTB Creatives – Eerik Sandstrom

MTB Creatives – Eerik Sandstrom

As riders we all love to see ourselves in action!

Have you ever thought about the guys and girls behind the camera. Searching out the best angle, THE Perfect Shot!

Well look no further! MTB Creatives is a monthly snapshot celebrating those hiding behind the lens.

Lets have a chat with Eerik Sandstrom. Check out his story below!

Eerik Sandstrom: My name is Eerik Sandstrom and I am a Mountain Bike rider and photographer. The hardest decision I make most days is whether I take my bike out, my camera or both. Usually it’s both. I started shooting a few years ago at the WA Gravity Enduro events which I enjoyed a lot! More recently I’ve been over to Tasmania for the EWS and Cairns for the Downhill World Championships.

Instagram: @eeriksandstrom


Phone: 0411324347


What I ride? 

I just picked up a Canyon Strive, and I love it! Enduro is now my thing!

Why get creative? 

I bought a camera to take travelling, and I pulled it out at a race one day, snapped a few shots and they were all terrible and blurry. So I saw the challenge, I wanted to get better and nail something cool… eventually, I figured it out and I was hooked, chasing awesome images. Soon I was at races without my bike and I was more immersed in the sport than I ever was. Thanks to the camera.

What is your favourite place to ride in WA? 

Linga Longa Bike Park down in Balingup have seriously built some fun, technical trails. I’ve raced and photographed there and it’s just an awesome place to ride unlike anything else I’ve ridden in Western Australia.

What’s next on your bucket list on places to ride? 

There are some great trails to ride in Australia that I haven’t gotten to yet, but as far as bucket list items go, I want to ride the Mega Avalanche along with touring around the Alps riding and photographing huge landscapes and epic trails!

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