MTB Creatives – Natasha Sparg

MTB Creatives – Natasha Sparg

As riders we all love to see ourselves in action!

Have you ever thought about the guys and girls behind the camera? Searching for the best angle, THE Perfect Shot.

Well look no further! MTB Creatives is a monthly snapshot celebrating those hiding behind the lens.

Let’s have a chat with Natasha from A Moment in Focus. Check out her story below!

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What I ride? 

My Trek Superfly Elite Sl (2013). It is my MTB baby and my pocket rocket. I ride a Mekk Pogio (roadie) to work and back, even though it is heavier than the MTB!

Why get creative? 

I have always been behind the camera. I love capturing photos. Sometimes candid photos has a way of showing the truth that words just can’t replicate. Such moments caught in a milli-second is all it takes to capture a memory forever, to be relived over and over again.

What is your favourite place to ride in WA? 

Pemberton is my current fave after a fantastic Pemberton Camp weekend… Margs is also a fave, but nothing can beat my usual haunt of the Kalamunda trails.

What (was) next on your bucket list on places to ride? 

I’m off to Tasmania in March to take photos of an Adventure race, and I’m bringing my bike too as I’m looking forward to riding Derby and everywhere in-between!!!

More on the images!

These photos are from the XPD Expedition Adventure race, where teams of 4 battle it out across multiple disciplines of MTB Orienteering as well as trek and paddle while navigating for a maximum of 6 days.

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