Know the Code, Bro

Know the Code, Bro

There’s no hiding it, mountain biking in Western Australia is EXPLODING!

The trails are seeing more riders than ever before. Some use riding as an escape away from civilisation only to find that the rest of civilisation are escaping at the same time on the same trail!

Enter: Trail karma and the WA mountain bikers code

Four simple rules that go towards minimising the ‘don’t be a jerk’ behaviour out on the trails.

Thou Shalt:

  • Be prepared
  • Know yourself, your bike and your trail
  • Respect your trail and the environment and
  • Make it a good experience


It goes without saying, Good SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT respect, and ATTITUDE will ensure that all WA riders have the best mountain bike experience on offer whilst protecting our beloved pea gravel trails within our beautiful parks.

The Code is pretty easy but here are some commandments from Robb Sutton of Bike 198 that you may (or may not) have bunny hopped over before!

  1. Pay It Forward – Tubes, quick-links, a helping hand. You’ll need it one day too.
  2. You brought it out…you bring it home – No one likes a litterbug. Keep the trail clean.
  3. Know your role – Fast climber? Get up front. Slow descender? Get in the back.
  4. Bike worth does not equal biking ability – Everyone loves the latest and greatest…but it doesn’t increase skill.
  5. Be Self Sufficient – Always bring what you need…and sometimes more.
  6. Know Basic Bike Maintenance – Be able to fix your own flat…
  7. Treat Other Riders Like You Would Want To Be Treated – No one likes a jerk
  8. It’s Only A Race If The Other Participants Know They Are Participating – You didn’t beat your friend on the climb if you are the only one that knew it was a race.
  9. If A Rider Catches You…It Doesn’t Mean They Want You To Ride Faster – Move to the side and let the rider by. Also see #3.
  10. Music While Riding Is Great…Unless You Are Oblivious – If you are going to wear earphones while riding, check around you constantly for other riders.
  11. Know Your Abilities – Don’t get too far over your head.
  12. Just Because You Can’t Ride It…Doesn’t Mean Others Can’t – Mountain biking should be a progression. Not all trails can be wide and groomed.
  13. You Have Zero Room To Comment If You Didn’t Work On The Trail – Try not to be a backseat driver to trail work.
  14. Beware Of Rider Recommendations – The best bike for a friend may not be the best bike for you. Everyone thinks they own the best mountain bike on the market.
  15. In Shape Does Not Equal Technical Ability – You are in shape…awesome…but that does not make you a better rider. It just makes you able to ride longer.
  16. Riding Keeps You Young – Yes… Bruno Wicki is a testament to that!
  17. Diversity Is A Good Thing – Different bikes, different styles, different personalities. It would be dreadfully boring if we were all the same.
  18. Any Holiday Is An Excuse To Ride – Why are we riding today? Because today ends in a y.
  19. Support Those That Support You – Support your local club and WAMBA. They do more than just work on trails.
  20. Online Superstars Type More Than Ride – Time worrying about online arguments is time you could spend on the bike.
  21. Riding Is The Best Therapy – Self explanatory…


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