TRC Sustainable Trails Conference 2017

TRC Sustainable Trails Conference 2017

The TRC Sustainable Trails Conference in Thredbo was the coming together of the key stakeholders within the trails industry.

Speakers from all over the country as well as the world (Nepal and NZ to name a couple) came and shared their experiences and lessons learned.

Key points taken from the conference

  • the need to understand our market – what is it that we are trying to develop?¬†What is our point of difference that will connect with the national and international market?
  • how to develop personalised experiences through the use of destination marketing?

The Australian trail industry is still very new but is evolving at a rapid rate. There is a need to develop processes that allow land managers the opportunity to understand the industry in order to work together effectively. WA is one of those progressive states that provides the Trail Development Process which is helping bridge that gap.

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