Redbull Rampage 2017

Redbull Rampage 2017

The Red Bull Rampage offers one of the greatest spectacles of mountain biking entertainment and skill in the world.

The event is an invitation only event and is held near the Zion National Park in Virgin, Utah, United States.

The world’s best riders all join together to complete and are judged on their choice of lines on the course as well as their technical ability and tricks.

Over the years the spectacle has grown including big rides over big mountains which leave spectators with their hands in their mouth.

It was first run in 2001 and ran until 2004 when the event featured gigantic gaps and even bigger crashes.

That saw the event go into a hiatus until it was given a rebirth and returned in 2008  from hibernation to create one of the biggest spectacles in mountain biking.

Since then it has continued to grow and events such as Cameron Zinc’s “360 heard around the universe” have helped drive its publicity around the world.

This year’s event was held on October 27 and marked the 12th edition of the race.

Kurt Sorge became the first rider to claim a hat-trick of wins in freeride’s gold standard contest.


Photo credit : RedBull

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