Troy – My Ride in MTBWA

Troy – My Ride in MTBWA

While every mountain bikers journey is different, from the trail head every rider shares a common path. MTBWA wants to celebrate you, the riders!

MTB is a lifestyle where both rider and steed (bike) share adventures across the landscape.  It is a culture of getting outside, hitting the trails, and breathing in the outdoors. Our machines sit ready and waiting for the next experience. Be it as our therapist after a bad day at work, or to sneak an opportunity to meet with mates. It is all too easy to get swept up in the fast pace of life, the next race or the next shiny new ‘must have’ item that can make us forget the whole reason why we jumped on a bike in the first place….To.Have.Fun #MTBYourWA.

So this is a celebration of you, the riders and your machine. From industry faces to weekend warriors, MTBWA wants to hear about the bike that has given you that grin from ear to ear.

Name: Troy W

Why this ride? I love the Enduro for the riding we do in the North West, rough and technical. Heaps of travel and an aggressive machine. 

What’s your fave can’t live without bike related item? My 3 ltr  Camelbak (maybe not my fave, but definitely my most appreciated)

Natural or man-made trails? Definitely natural, all the way

Fave place to ride ever? For technical terrain, the Badjirrajirra trail in Exmouth

How long have you been riding bikes? I’ve been riding bikes since I was about 4 or 5, when I crashed into my grandparents rose bush, but riding mountain bikes since 2001.

Fave bike you’ve ever owned? My current bike, a Specialized Enduro

Other hobby or interests? Spearfishing, painting, gym, anything beach related

Rocky rooty or fast and flowy? Fast and rocky, technical

What got you interested in MTB? The challenge of the trails, and adrenaline boost you get when you push yourself and succeed 

Strava or for the fun?  I use Strava, but riding is always for fun

Last thing you purchased for riding? Shorts and knicks

Photo credit: All photos provided by Troy.

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