WA Mountain Bike Association

WA Mountain Bike Association

The West Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA) is the state representative body for the West Australian mountain bike community. The Association works collaboratively with key stakeholders to identify, develop and sustain mountain bike experiences in Western Australia.

Alex Wade : President of WAMBA 2017 [Extract of the Presidents Report for 2017 Annual General Meeting]
[Through] 2016 and the first half of 2017 [we] have seen those things that [caused] WAMBA’s decision to change it’s direction come into sharp focus and the impacts of mountain biking in WA has been momentous.  Our sport now stands head and shoulders above most, if not all, others in terms of sheer participation number and WAMBA, as state representative body, is now being measured against the same criterion as the WAFL and the WA Netball Association by the state government.
The sport has never had greater visibility with state and local governments, as is evidenced by the strategic framework that has been developed across a number of sectors. There have been some amazing achievements in both planning and delivery of trails on the ground – Albany, Dunsborough, Geraldton and Margaret River all represent major success stories. Exmouth, Kalamunda, the Murray Valley and the redevelopment of the Goat Farm are all projects showing promise in the next 12 months.
There can be no doubt that the funding of dedicated mountain biking resources at Westcycle and the broad collaboration between WestCycle and WAMBA has been a success. The finalisation of the Trails Management Guideline and the Perth & Peel Master Plan, the successful lobbying in the lead-up to the 2017 state elections, the massively successful junior development and high performance programs and the level of support enjoyed by the clubs in the last 12 months are proof absolute of this….

2017/2018 Focus : Communication, Consultation, Coordination

The focus of the WAMBA Committee for the coming year will be on both the strategic and operational – helping to guide the strategic direction of WA mountain biking, as well as providing operational support to the WestCycle mountain bike team where necessary.

It will require the Committee to effectively set objectives, manage its resources and influence stakeholders.

WAMBA’s priorities for 2017/18 are:

  • Relationships with clubs & groups
  • Agreements with main stakeholders
  • Trail development projects
  • Sport development (including junior development, high performance, state level events and national rounds in WA)
  • Review of WAMBA Strategic Plan
  • Review of Department of Water’s Policy 13
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