Western Australia is a big state! This means mountain biking experiences can vary dramatically. From bombing down singletrack through the giant Karri forests of Pemberton in the South West , to the open and rocky desert terrain of Exmouth, you can choose your own adventure, your way.

Warning! Summer (November to February) in WA can get HOT. Towards the northern part of the state the thermometer can soar to over 40°C. In Perth, our capital city can swelter in 35-40°C heat. However, turn south and the temperature becomes milder.

Bike packed, ready to rock? Best to hit up Tourism WA for more information!

Pea Gravel… Skatey, sketchy, slippery FUN. A trademark of mountain biking in WA, pea gravel will have you riding a surface of rocks the size of ball bearings and will appear on almost every WA mountain bike adventure. Take your time to introduce yourself to pea gravel and find out why Sam Hill is the legendary rider that he is!


Hard tail, dual suspension, front forks? 29’er, 26 inch, 650B? Huh?

For some of us this sounds like a new language!

For those that are starting their MTB adventure, put down the helmet and read on…

  • Hardtail = shocks at the front
  • Full suspension = shocks at the front and back
  • Rigid = no shocks at all.

The next decision is around wheel size.

  • 29” (known as a 29’er) manufacturers claim the larger wheel and improved rolling resistance help beginners and pros alike, with greater speed an stable handling.
  • 27.5” (or known as 650B) the best of both worlds, offering the rolling benefits of a 29er with the nimble handling of a 26″.
  • 26” was the original and only wheel size available before 27.5 and 29’ers rolled into the mix.


Cross Country (XC) bikes are designed for pedalling efficiency (going fast!). Usually a hard tail frame which includes front fork suspension.


All mountain/Trail bikes are a great option for all purpose riding, designed to be good at climbing and descending your local trails.


Downhill bikes are designed for going downhill fast and tackling big features such as jumps, drops and rock gardens.


Cyclocross (CX) bikes are do-it-all-rigs that are designed for fast, mixed terrain road riding.


Whether your hitting the trails in Kalamunda or cruising parts of the Munda Biddi Trail in Walpole, here are 9 must haves for your next dirt adventure:

  1. Helmet – always, always ride with a helmet that is to Australian Standard! It is a must.
  2. Hydration pack – a backpack that includes a water bladder and hose. Will hold more water than a water bottle and is great for carrying your MTB essentials.
  3. First Aid Kit – You’ll probably need it when you don’t have it with you. Keeping a small first aid kit in your pack enables you to be at least somewhat prepared for the unexpected.
  4. Small handheld pump and tyre tube – for the ‘just in case’… these items can make or break your ride if you are in the middle of an epic adventure with a flat tyre.
  5. Protective glasses – stops the dust, sand, foreign objects making friends with your eyeballs
  6. Multi tool – get a basic multi-tool with a few different sizes of Allen wrenches along with flathead and Philips screwdrivers. It is your MacGyver tool!
  7. Riding gloves – it is recommended to get full finger gloves for protection and comfort out on the trails
  8. Riding shorts – DO IT. Invest in bike shorts that are designed for riding. These can be either form fitting Lyrca shorts or the more baggier shorts type. It will help with comfort both on and off the bike!
  9. Riding buddy! – it is a given….the more friends to experience the adventure, the better. Plus it is always recommended to ride with others.